Senn Red Angus

Herd Sires
REEDS Seneca 731C Reg# 3491307

REEDS Seneca 731C    Reg# 3491307

BIEBER Hard Drive Y120  Reg# 1436718

BIEBER Hard Drive Y120   Reg# 1436718

BIEBER Let's Roll B563 Reg # 1695879

SENN Eye of the Tiger 908 Reg#4154974

REEDS Ocean Front Property

REEDS Ocean Front Property Reg# 3779529

PIE Cinch 4126 Reg 1725110

PIE Cinch 4126 Reg# 1725110

Red Minburn Copenhagen 3Y Reg #2400918

Red Minburn Copenhagen 3Y Reg# 2400918

2020 Bull Sale Book Cover

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